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Maynard Communication Services recognises that security is an important concern for many businesses and corporate institutions.

Security Consulting

With our vast experience in domestic and corporate security, we can expertly consult on your security needs.

Whether it is the visual deterrent of security cameras, or a fully monitored and recorded system with multi-camera viewpoints, we can help identify solutions to your security needs.


Workplace Surveillance Sysytems

Protecting your assets and staff. Surveillance may be used to enhance employee safety, provide better quality training and performance feedback or to monitor productivity. Maynard Communication Services can install a variety of systems to suit your reqirements.

Security Systems - Supply and Install

Maynard Communication Services can provide and/or install your choice of a wide range of quality security cameras and systems to meet your requirements.

We offer a larger range of security cameras, many of which are very attractive and sleek in design to compliment any architecture or interior design.

Then have all your security cameras monitored and/or recorded at one central, security point. We can also configure your system to enable remote viewing. That is, you can view and monitor your system from any location via the internet.

There are many options available for your security setup. Please contact us so that we may discuss your security needs.


Security System Hire

Not sure about the impact of a security system on your business's protection? Contact us to hire a system to suit your needs.